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Please ask to see your trainer's certificate. 
Some trainers merely pay $50 and take an online exam and get a certificate in the mail that says "Trainer".  This does not mean they are actually trained and knowledgeable to train you.  I have a Masters degree in Exercise Science, a Bachelors degree in Physical Education, and I'm a NASM certified personal trainer.  If they don't have NASM, ACSM, NSCA or ACE then don't waste your money.

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Personal Training Rates:

          ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING = $125 one month         with unlimited email support.  Resistance and cardio.

        $35/hr for one workout, one local gym charges            $55/hr and has no package savings offers.
        10 workout package + t-shirt= $250; a $100 savings per 10 workouts = $25/hr.
        15 workout package + t-shirt= $350; a $125 savings per 15 workouts = $23/hr. 
        20 workout package + t-shirt= $450; a $150 savings per 20 workouts = $22/hr.
        $50/hr for two people:  working out with a friend makes the workout more fun.
        10 workout package + 2 t-shirts = $400; Save $100 per 10 workouts.
        15 workout package + 2 t-shirts = $550; Save $200 per 15 workouts.

          20 workout package = $700; Save $300 per 20 workouts.

T-Shirt $15
A great way to show people your motivated at what you're doing.  Wear this shirt to workout in or just around the house.  This shirt is 100% cotton and very durable.  This also makes a good conversation starter when someone notices.

Wristband $2

No photo available.  This is a rubber wristband with embossed on the outside.  Makes for a good reminder to keep up with your workouts.

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